last updated: 
December 29, 2021

The Solid Dashboard offers a user experience for you to build and operate your FinTech product. You can use it to manage your FinTech program including originated accounts, created cards, along with the ability to review account level transactions. Overview provides information about the activity on your account. A wide range of analytics and real-time insights provide insight into the performance of your FinTech integration.

The Dashboard is organized by the most common modules of the FinTech processes. You will see all the information related to:
- Person
- Business
- Accounts
- Cards
- Transactions

You can use the Dashboard to:
- toggle between TEST and LIVE mode.
- view dev and program related information
- invite other team members
- view activity logs and audit logs
- access the help desk and the help center

You can access your account via the Dashboard here:

  1. https://dashboard.solidfi.com