Introduction to Cards

Card is used to spend funds online or in-person.
Introduction to Cards
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

You can create different types of cards, tied to the account and issued to the card holder:
- physical
- virtual
- debit
- credit

You can also set:
- spending limits
- spending interval controls
- allowed and blocked categories (by MCC)

This section contains the following documentation:

The Card object
The Cardholder sub-object
The Card Transaction sub-object
The Shipping sub-object
Create a Card
Activate a Card
Set a New PIN
Update a Card
Retrieve a Card
Show a Card
List all Cards
List all ATMs
Delete a Card
Card Declined Reason Codes
Card RTA Webhooks
Card Testing
Digital Wallet Push Provisioning
Replace a Card
Create a Crypto Card
Retrieve Card Declined Transactions