Introduction to Crypto

An overview of our cryptocurrency platform
Introduction to Crypto
 last updated: 
October 27, 2022

Solid's Crypto as a Service platform (via its partners) offers reliable custody (store), liquidity (buy/sell), send (transfer) and crypto card functionality – packaged in Solid's Crypto APIs, with built-in with  KYC/BSA/AML capabilities.

Crypto testing is supported via TESTNET Goerli.

This section contains the following documentation:

The Crypto object
Create a Crypto Wallet

Update a Crypto Wallet

Retrieve a Crypto Wallet

List all Crypto Wallets

Buy Crypto
Sell Crypto
Send Crypto
Retrieve a Crypto Transaction
List all Crypto Transactions
Retrieve a Crypto Statement
List all Crypto Statements
Estimate Crypto Gas Fees
The Crypto Transaction object
The Crypto Transfer object
Retrieve a Crypto Transfer
Create a Crypto Card
List Supported Cryptocurrencies