Introduction to Programs

The Program APIs allow you to configure your program and retrieve program-wide data
Introduction to Programs
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

When you create an account on the Dashboard, you are essentially creating a FinTech program that comes with a program ID. You get a program id both in the TEST and LIVE mode. You can have one or more FinTech programs on the Solid Platform.

You can use the Program object to configure branding and settings for your program, and you can use the Program List APIs to a large variety of data belonging to your program.

This section contains the following documentation:

The Program object
Retrieve a Program
List all Stats
List all Persons
List all Businesses
List all Cards
List all Accounts
List all Contacts
List all Transactions
List all Members
List all Families
List all Transfers
List all Crypto Wallets
List all Crypto Transfers
List all Crypto Transactions
List all Crypto Stats