Build your FinTech product on the Solid Platform.
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

We keep money simple. You Store, You Spend, You Receive, You Send.

In order to get started, you'll need:
- TEST account on the Solid Dashboard (sign in here, if you want to sign up, contact us to get started)
- API key
- API docs
- Postman or a similar tool to run the APIs

There are nine steps to originate a bank account, create cards and send money. Follow the step by step instructions below.

Here are the nine steps we will guide you through. After completing these nine steps, you will have originated an account, created cards and moved money (send and receive).

Step 1: Auth
- Sign up for access to the Dashboard
- Under the Developer section, use the API key to authenticate API requests.

Step 2: Person
- create person
- update person with details: PATCH /v1/person/{{personId}}
- submit the person for a KYC: POST v1/person/{{personId}}/kyc
- check the KYC result: GET /v1/person/{{personId}}/kyc
- if you are creating a business bank account, go to Step 3, else to Step 5

Step 3: Business
- create business with details: POST /v1/business
- submit the business for a KYB: /v1/business/{{businessId}}/kyb
- check the KYB result: GET /v1/business/{{businessId}}/kyb
- if the business has owners with over 25% ownership, go to Step 4, else go to Step 5

Step 4: Member
- create member with details: POST /v1/member
- submit the member for a KYC: POST /v1/member/{{memberId}}/kyc
- check the KYC result: GET /v1/member/{{memberId}}/kyc

Step 5: Bank Accounts
- in order to create an account, person KYC needs to be approved and business KYB needs to be approved (if applicable)
- create bank account with details: POST /v1/account
- create couple of accounts (account 1 and account 2) under the same business, so you can move money between accounts

Step 6: Contacts
- while in account 1, create contact A with account 2's bank account number: POST /v1/contact

Step 7: Send
- send an intrabank transfer from account 1 to contact A: /v1/send/intrabank

Step 8: Cards
- create cards in account 1: /v1/card

Step 9: Transactions
- view transactions of account 1: /v1/account/{{accountId}}/transaction

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a person, a business, created two accounts for the business, sent money between them, and created a credit card!