Platform and API Changelog

Release notes for Solid platform changes
Platform and API Changelog
 last updated: 
August 3, 2022

August 8, 2022

- Sell Crypto from users wallet and credit program funding account
- idNumber otherId subtype now allows certain characters in the person object
- Plaid balance check on ACH Pull: if "available" balance is null, fallback to "current" balance value
- More webhooks for Send a Card
- API to estimate gas fees on crypto transfers
- Send Business Name (or Person Name) as part of addenda when you Send an ACH
- Added trace numbers to ACH sub-object for incoming ACH transactions
- Bug fixes

August 1, 2022

- Debit card linking address verification now uses address of person linking instead of account owner

July 25, 2022

- Intrabank pull payee details now show business name for business account & person name for personal account
- Allow metadata for member object
- Send full account object and card object (+metadata) in RTA webhooks
- New field "modifiedAt" time added to transaction object
- Allow buy crypto for end user wallets but from the program funding account
- Allow $0.00 Limit for card limitAmount in card object
- Filter by status via List All Transactions API
- Activity Logs for Crypto Wallets & Transactions
- IP Whitelisting: option to add Label for IPs
- Link fiat and crypto transactions: added "buy" and "sell" fields to the transaction object
- Updating address via Update Person API no longer allowed allowed after KYC approval (must submit a ticket for manual review)
- Bug fixes