Receive Check Deposit Testing

Information on testing the remote check deposit API
Receive Check Deposit Testing
 last updated: 
July 20, 2022

You can test Receive a Check Deposit in Solid's TEST mode without moving real money. You will first need to Create a Contact to store the account and routing numbers from which you are going to pull the transfer. The contact will also need to have a valid bank routing number. Here are some examples:

Sample ACH Routing Numbers:
- 121042882 (Wells Fargo)
- 026009593 (Bank of America)
- 322271627 (Chase)


  1. POST /v1/receive/ach


  1. {
  2.     "accountId": "{{accountId}}",
  3.     "contactId": "{{contactId}}",
  4.     "amount": "20.00",
  5.     "description": "Check deposit",
  6. }

Test values in amount field will have the following results, executed in a nightly batch job:

- If Amount >=$50, Check is Rejected  
- Checks < $50 will be approved automatically by Solid Ops (Up to 2 Days)