Send a Check

Sends a physical check to a contact
Send a Check
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

Send a check is done by passing the required account id, contact id, type, amount and description. Notes:
- Currently, only physical check ("type": "physical") is supported
- description field data goes into the Memo line on the check (maximum of 200 characters)
- Response is a transfer object

Optionally, you can include an attachment by adding the "attachment" field to the API request. The attachment will be printed double-sided in black & white and will be included in the envelope after the check page. Here are the requirements and limitations:
- HTML, PDF, PNG and JPG are supported
- Please follow these design guidelines.
- Prepping HTML
  - use a URL that links to HTML page or directly put the HTML string in the attachment field
  - HTML must not contain href tag, or it will be rejected
  - HTML should not contain image links or quotes
  - maximum length of HTML string is 10,000 characters (to use longer HTML, use a URL that links to HTML page)
- Prepping PDF
  - Make sure all non-standard fonts are embedded
   - Generated PDFs need to be PDF/A compliant
   - must be 6 pages or fewer
- Prepping PNGs/JPGs
   - Images should be 300 dpi or higher. The dpi is calculated as (width of image in pixels) / (width of product in inches) and (length of image in pixels) / (length of product in inches). For Example: 1275px x 1875px image used to create a 4.25" x 6.25" postcard has a dpi of 300.
   - PNG/JPG files with less than 300 dpi will be rejected.
   - Submitted images must have the same length to width ratio as the chosen product. Images will not be cropped or stretched by the API.

Here are the steps to send a physical check in the US:

1. On the source account (the account from which the payment is being sent), Create a Contact with the Contact Name and Address of the person receiving the check.
2. Send a Check using the endpoint below with the amount and description to the contact ID containing the destination address details.
3. If you wish to include attachment page(s), upload the PDF, PNG, or JPG file to an online hosting location, and paste the URL into the attachment field. Alternatively you can enter an HTML string directly into the attachment field.
4. The funds are debited from the source account, and the contact receives the cashier's check (from Solid) in about 7 days.


  1. POST v1/send/check


  1. {
  2.  "accountId": "{{accountId}}",
  3.  "contactId": "{{contactId}}",
  4.  "type": "physical",
  5.  "amount": "5.00",
  6.  "description": "maximum of 200 characters",
  7.  "attachment": ""
  8. }


  1. {
  2.  "id": "tra-edc1deaf-138a-465d-8a15-a146bbe9d466",
  3.  "bankName": "",
  4.  "accountId": "acc-63d656eb-fedc-4250-8111-48a5ff0faed9",
  5.  "contactId": "con-ab8e4ddc-cf09-448d-aa19-f71527b8393c",
  6.  "name": "John Doe",
  7.  "accountNumber": "",
  8.  "routingNumber": "",
  9.  "address": {
  10.    "addressType": "check",
  11.    "line1": "123 N Main St",
  12.    "line2": "",
  13.    "city": "Los Angeles",
  14.    "state": "CA",
  15.    "country": "US",
  16.    "postalCode": "90001"
  17.  },
  18.  "amount": "5.00",
  19.  "status": "completed",
  20.  "description": "maximum of 200 characters",
  21.  "txnType": "debit",
  22.  "transferType": "physicalCheck",
  23.  "transferSubType": "originated",
  24.  "createdAt": "2023-07-11T14:03:24Z",
  25.  "modifiedAt": "2023-07-11T14:03:24Z",
  26.  "transferredAt": "2023-07-11T14:03:24Z",
  27.  "accountType": "",
  28.  "iban": "",
  29.  "valid": "",
  30.  "parentTransferId": "",
  31.  "reviewCode": "",
  32.  "reviewMessage": "",
  33.  "type": "",
  34.  "metadata": null,
  35.  "title": "",
  36.  "card": null,
  37.  "destinationAmount": "0.00",
  38.  "destinationCurrency": "",
  39.  "purposeCode": "",
  40.  "bin": "",
  41.  "fallbackTransferId": "",
  42.  "attachment": ""
  43. }