The Address sub-object

Address Object's attributes, fields, types.
The Address sub-object
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

The Solid platform will perform a USPS address validation and normalize the address. For example:

1234 Southeast 25th street

will be normalized to:

1234 SE 25th St

Field Type Description
addressType enum address type with possible values:
- mailing
- billing
- shipping
- card
- wire
- check
line1 string line 1 of the address (60 characters max)
line2 string line 2 of the address (optional, 60 characters max)
city string city of the address (60 characters max)
state string 2-Letter US state abbreviation or 60 characters max (ex: CA)
country string 2-letter abbreviated country code(ex: US)
postalCode string postal code (60 characters max)