The Document object

The Document object
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Field Type Optional Description
id string unique id of the contact created
accountId string unique id of the bank account to which the contact belongs
name string name of the contact, either full name of person or legal name of business
email string Yes email address of the contact
phone string Yes mobile phone of the contact
status enum status of the contact with possible values:
- active
- deleted
intrabank object Yes see The Intrabank sub-object
ach object Yes see The ACH sub-object
wire object Yes see The Domestic Wire sub-object
check object Yes see The Check sub-object
card object Yes see The Send Card sub-object
type enum type of contactn with possible values:
- others
- selfAch
- selfIntrabank
programId string id of the program associated to the contact
createdAt string time at which the contact object was created
modifiedAt string time at which the contact object was modified