The Person object

The Person object's attributes, fields, and types
The Person object
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023
Field Type Optional Description
id string unique id of the person created
firstName string first name of the person (max 100 chars)
middleName string yes middle name of the person (max 100 chars)
lastName string last name of the person (max 100 chars)
phone string yes mobile phone of the person (E.164, max 16 chars, starts with +)
phoneVerified boolean read only person's phone is verified (Solid internal use)
email string email of the person (max 100 chars)
emailVerified boolean read only person's email is verified (Solid internal use)
dateOfBirth string yes date of birth of the person (YYYY-MM-DD)
idType enum yes type of the identity used with possible values:
- ssn
- passport
- otherId
idNumber string yes -if idType is ssn, idNumber can be either Last 4 or full SSN
- if idType is passport, idNumber must be passport number
- if idType is otherId, idNumber must be unique number of the id
- idNumber must be unique, as in, you cannot use the same idNumber for two different persons
- 9 to 50 chars
address object yes see The Address sub-object
kyc object see The KYC sub-object
programId string id of the program associated to the person
status enum status of the person with possible values:
- active
- inactive (use to temporarily freeze)
- deactivated (use to permanently block)
createdAt string time at which the person object was created
modifiedAt string time at which the person object was modified