Transaction Subtype Matrix

A matrix of possible subtypes and their associated transaction types
Transaction Subtype Matrix
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

Below you will find a matrix of possible subtypes and their associated transaction types.

SubType intrabank ach domesticWire card physicalCheck internationalWire
originated X X X X X
auth X
authUpdate X
reversal X X X X X X
refund X
accountCreationCredit X
received X X X X
accountClosing X
push X
pull X
overdraft X
atm X
topup X
reward X

= transfer is initiated
= card authorization
= card authorization update
= transaction is reversed
refund = card transaction is refunded (may be less than auth amount)
= $0 transaction on account opening
received = user receives a transfer
accountClosing = transaction while moving funds for closing account
pull = incoming debit pull
push = incoming debit push
overdraft = transfer of funds to/from a fallback account
atm = ATM transaction
topup = funds added to Send a Card
reward = merchant funded reward on card spend