Solid (formerly known as Wise) locks down $5.7M Seed Round

Solid (formerly known as Wise) locks down $5.7 million to scale it's banking platform designed for small businesses.
April 29, 2020
Solid (formerly known as Wise) locks down $5.7M Seed Round

Late 2019, I pitched Wise to early-stage VCs. Most gave great feedback, some passed, and a few ghosted. None invested, we were early.

I shifted my focus back to building the product / business. Fully immersed -- I did not take a day off, and I loved it. Best days of my life...

During this time, I realized — the problem was not with the pitch, but with pitching itself!

In Feb, met a seed-stage VC, with a different outlook towards investing.

This time around, there was no pitch, no feedback.

We became friends. Wise had found a believer — in the team, its vision, in a progressively digital world.

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