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Introducing, FinTech as a Service.

Solid offers a fully integrated & compliant suite of FinTech services.
Integrate in minutes to build never-before-seen experiences.

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The complete FinTech Platform

Banking  |  Payments  |  Cards  |  Compliance

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Platform Features



Solid's Banking as a Service (BaaS) enables companies to build and launch deposit products, such as business and consumer checking accounts. It includes the ledger, statements and everything else needed to create delightful banking experiences.
Banking APIs.



Solid's Payments as a Service (PasS) serves all your payments needs, available via APIs or hosted UI. It includes ACH, Wire, Check and on-us transactions. Build on the Solid payment rails to offer never-before-seen payment experiences, right in your software.
Payment APIs.



Solid's Card Issuance and Management platform is the first of its kind. Issue cards the modern way, to serve the needs of your customers, with one single API. Credit, debit, and prepaid cards, both in physical and virtual form factor, all fully managed by Solid.
Card APIs.



Solid's Compliance as a Service framework is built to facilitate and simplify adherence to your program's regulatory requirements. KYC, KYB, BSA/AML, transaction monitoring, reporting – all managed by Solid 24x7x365 via Solid's self-service dashboard.

Seamless integration,
huge value. Build,
Launch, Grow - Fast!

Launch in days, with the Solid FinTech Platform.


Embed a delightful money experience in your product.

Money is simple - store, spend, receive, send.
Discover your use case.



Engage your customers with a light & powerful experience, in your product, with Solid's instant bank /account creation API.



Issue branded physical and virtual cards instantly, with the spending controls they need with Solid's /card API.



Get your customers their money instantly. Deliver a whole new experience with a standout feature, with Solid's /receive API.



Making payments has never been easier or faster. Build on-demand payments on modern rails, with Solid's /send API.

Solid takes the complexity out of FinTech.

We’ve got banking, payments, cards, security, ops, risk & compliance covered – you can focus on the building the right experience.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Program config keeps features flexible, simple, modular. You decide what's right for your customers.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Risk, Compliance, Ops, Support – we have it all covered for you, via The Solid Dashboard – 24x7x365.

Bank-Grade Security

Bank-Grade Security

Encrypted storage with built-in atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID). FinTech built right.

Dev Friendly

Dev Friendly

Solid's Dev Center offers API docs, SDKs, and other resources you need to build your money experience.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Built-in lifecycle management that includes account origination, KYC, KYB, activation and customer servicing.

Bank Sponsorship

Bank Sponsorship

Solid manages the bank sponsorship so you can focus on building the right experience in your product.

Complete control and oversight via Dashboard.

The Solid Dashboard offers an interface to build and operate FinTech products. You can configure your program, and manage accounts and cards, all with account level transaction visibility in the Dashboard.

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Solidfi™ your offering with the
ultimate FinTech experience.

Join other software companies building on the Solid Platform.

Frequently Asked

Have a question? There's a good chance the answer is right here. Select a topic below to see related FAQs.

How do I get started?
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Get started in one simple step. First, explore the capabilities of the Solid FinTech Platform. Then, get started by for the sandbox access to the Solid Dashboard.

How quickly can I go live?
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Very quickly! We move fast to get you started in a TEST environment. Once you are certified, you are ready to go LIVE. Our client success team will support end to end.

What are the costs to launch on Solid?
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Solid has a simplified & predictable cost structure. No hidden fees. Let us know what you need, we will send a proposal with pricing and timeline.

What is the revenue we can expect?
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Solid passes on the program revenue to you. So you tell us your card spend and deposit projections and we can provide the potential revenue from your program.

Does Solid come with bank partnership?
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Yes, Solid Platform comes with several built-in bank sponsorships. Alternatively, If you have a bank in mind that you'd like to launch with, we'd be happy to discuss further.

Do I manage ops, risk & compliance?
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Risk, Compliance, Ops, Support – we do the end user servicing  for you, via the Solid Dashboard – 24x7x365. This service is included as part of the program.

How does Solid keep me compliant?
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Solid's Compliance as a Service framework is built to facilitate and simplify adherence of your program's regulatory requirements. We do it for you.

Does Solid certify my program?
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Yes, Solid's compliance team performs certification for your program to ensure your FinTech offering built on Solid follows the required rules and regs set for the program.

How can I embed FinTech in my software?
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You can embed FinTech in whatever way works best for your software. Go to the Dev Center, to learn more about the Solid APIs, SDKs, and the resources.

Do you offer SDKs?
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Whether you’re new to the Solid Banking Platform or seasoned in all things banking, our SDKs will help you build the right experience. We offer both client and platform SDKs.

How do I enable instant payments?
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You can utilize your pre-existing merchant acceptance solution to enable instant payments using the Solid APIs. We will help architect the right solution for you.

Do you have a dev dashboard?
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Yes. The Solid Dashboard offers an interface to build and operate banking. You can use it to manage originated bank accounts and cards.

Does Solid offer an app?
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Yes, Solid offers an app to help you understand the potential its FinTech as a Service platform. You have an option to build on our APIs or brand the Solid app to launch quickly.

What can I do with the app?
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Solid app has all the functionality that is available on the Solid Platform. It includes KYC/KYB, Account origination, statements, transactions, cards and payments.

Where can I run the app?
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Solid app is designed to run natively on Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift). Solid also has a web drop-in library (javascript) along with a complete web app.

Can you build a branded Solid app?
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Absolutely. Solid can brand the app as per your brand guidelines. Once the app is ready for release, you can host it on your store or Solid will host it for you.

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