Solid v2 Platform Arrives to Power a New Era of Embedded FinTech Innovation.

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Your FinTech Technology Platform

Solid has abstracted away the complexities of FinTech and is the all-in-one solution for banking, payments, and cards.

All-in-one platform to launch best-in-class compliant FinTech experiences

Dashboard & APIs

Solid's platform enables modern companies to offer embedded banking, payments, and card products, in a safe, secure & compliant way.

Built-in Compliance

Solid's platform offers a compliant suite of products to help you partner with banks to build, launch, and scale your FinTech.

Built-in Compliance Management System (CMS), that removes the guesswork from launching a compliant FinTech program



A diligence submission portal tailored to your bank partner. Removing the guesswork from diligence.



Step-by-step onboarding process, built by your bank partner to get you live, compliantly. 



Start live testing, with controls set by your bank partner, letting you demonstrate your readiness to launch.



General availability of your offering with a set go-to-market plan with ongoing monitoring and operations.



Periodic monitoring and reporting to your bank partner, making sure your program is safe and sound for the long run.

Compliance interwoven throughout the platform – only way to build FinTech

With a single integration, build out a compliant FinTech program on Solid, the most advanced and well-documented platform that helps you launch on budget, on time, on quality.

Unlock the potential of the FinTech ecosystem.

FinTech ecosystems have emerged as catalysts for forward-thinking banks and companies, accelerating transformative change and driving revenue. Power your FinTech business by building on Solid's modern technology, which seamlessly integrates with critical partners and complies with regulations.

Your FinTech Platform

Solid is your trusted platform for building, launching, and scaling your FinTech offering.

Start your FinTech innovation with Solid today. Contact us to discuss your use case.


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