Solid v2 Platform Arrives to Power a New Era of Embedded FinTech Innovation.

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Built-in compliance, platform-wide

Not "bolt-on" compliance, but built-in compliance, making FinTech better for everyone and allowing partner banks to stay on top of every link in the compliance chain.

Technology-driven compliance framework facilitating stronger Bank-FinTech partnerships


Leverage granular flags and limits to build comprehensive guardrails to mitigate risks.

Program Configuration

Feature Flags

Configurable Limits

Pilot & Launch Environments

Kill Switch


Comprehensive security program, SOC-2 certified and PCI compliant to ensure robust bank-grade security.

Certifications (SOC-2 & PCI)

Access Control

Encryption and Authentication

Advanced Auditing & Logging

Bank-Grade Security


Transaction-level reconciliation from our immutable ledger always ensures accurate account balances.

Intelligent Identifying & Matching

Partner Bank Synchronized

Built-in Exception Handling

Investigation & Communication

Nightly Report


Detailed reporting and advanced business insights to empower your strategic operations.

Balance Reports

Reconciliation Reports

Transaction Reports

CIP Reports

Disputes & Complaints Reports


Real-time and post-facto monitoring designed to track and screen transactions flowing through the platform.

Watchlist Screening

Suspicious Activity

Alerts & Cases

Ongoing Monitoring

3rd Party Integrations


Automate and streamline compliance processes, staying current with regulatory requirements.

Configurable Workflows

On-Demand Reports

Automated Monitoring

Scalable Operations

End-to-End Visibility

Compliance Management System (CMS) that tracks the progression of the FinTech



Built-in features to enable any bank to create FinTech due diligence, verification, and review processes.



Step-by-step implementation and comprehensive assessment of the FinTech program.



Facilitate FinTech to test its offering with end users on Solid's controlled and limited pilot environment.



General availability of the FinTech offering with a set go-to-market plan with ongoing monitoring and operations.



Periodic ongoing monitoring and reporting capabilities, ensuring the banks have complete control and oversight.

Compliance interwoven throughout the platform – only way to build FinTech

With a single integration, build out a compliant FinTech program on Solid, the most advanced and well-documented platform that helps you launch on budget, on time, on quality.

Unlock the potential of the FinTech ecosystem.

FinTech ecosystems have emerged as catalysts for forward-thinking banks and companies, accelerating transformative change and driving revenue. Power your FinTech business by building on Solid's modern technology, which seamlessly integrates with critical partners and complies with regulations.

Your FinTech Platform

Solid is your trusted platform for building, launching, and scaling your FinTech offering.

Start your FinTech innovation with Solid today. Contact us to discuss your use case.


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