Modern BaaS Infrastructure

Solid offers complete Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) infrastructure to spin up FinTech products quickly – think of Solid as AWS for FinTech, or simply FinTech-as-a-service!

Growing startups, established FinTechs, and leading SaaS companies have built, 
launched and scaled on Solid.

Solid takes the complexity out of FinTech. The one-stop shop for all your FinTech needs.


Open Accounts

Programmatically open full-featured interest yielding deposit accounts or card accounts for your users: business or consumer; we have them all. Or, build your funds flows with powerful clearing accounts.

Bank Accounts

Card Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Ledger & Statements


Send & Receive Payments

Embed the ability for your users to send and receive payments via APIs or hosted UI. Build on Solid payment rails to offer never-before-seen payment experiences, that comes with complete control and flexibility.

Intrabank (On-us)





Issue Cards

Modern card issuing that is flexible, scalable, and feature-rich. With instant issuance, dynamic spend controls, JIT funding, built-in rewards, and PCI-compliant SDKs, launch an indispensable card offering.

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Physical Cards

Virtual Cards

Fully Managed FinTech Infrastructure


Fully Managed by Solid

Solid manages all your FinTech infrastructure needs so that you can focus on innovation. Banking, Payments, Cards with Risk, Compliance, Ops Support – 24x7x365.

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Integrated with Sponsor Banks

Solid partners with several banks and builds a robust compliance program to onboard and monitor the FinTech. Banks offer banking, payments, and card issuance to Solid and it's FinTechs.

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Built for the FinTech Developer

Solid offers the best-in-class developer interfaces and experiences via its Dashboard, APIs, Apps, and SDKs. Modern DI/DX to make life easier for the FinTech developer.

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Comprehensive Compliance Program

Solid has built a comprehensive governance and compliance program with its sponsor banks that help FinTechs build, launch, and scale their offering– quickly!

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Bank-Grade Security

Solid's bank security security comes built-in, with encryption, atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID). Entrust Solid with your sensitive financial data.

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Program Management Built-In

Complete program management that helps FinTechs manage the customer lifecycle, including account origination, KYC, KYB, activation, and support via Solid's Help Desk.

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Get Solid’s Guide to Building, Launching & Scaling Your FinTech

From choosing the right FinTech Infrastructure provider to getting onboarded quickly, the guide helps you build, launch, and scale a remarkable FinTech product.

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Give yourself the Solid Advantage

Fully Managed by Solid

We believe that every company will be a FinTech company. Solid’s FinTech infras-tructure has everything you need to launch and scale your program.

Complete control and flexibility

Solid offers complete control and flexibility with program configurations that are flexible, simple, and modular. FinTech decides what's right for your customers.

Built-in compliance

Solid helps you manage your FinTech's risk & compliance. That way, you can focus on building the right experience and keep innovating while staying compliant with Solid's compliance program.

Ready for Scale

Solid takes the complexity out of FinTech by offering a fully integrated & compliant suite of FinTech services ready to build, launch & scale your FinTech.

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