Cross-Border Purpose Codes

Purpose codes required for sending cross-border payments
Cross-Border Purpose Codes
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023
Purpose Code Description
IR001 Transfer to own account
IR002 Family Maintenance
IR003 Education-related student expenses
IR004 Medical Treatment
IR005 Hotel Accommodation
IR006 Travel
IR007 Utility Bills
IR008 Repayment of Loans
IR009 Tax Payment
IR010 Purchase of Residential Property
IR011 Payment of Property Rental
IR012 Insurance Premium
IR013 Life Insurance
IR014 Insurance Claims Payment
IR015 Mutual Fund Investment
IR016 Investment in Shares
IR01801 Information Service Charges
IR01802 Advertising and Public relations-related expenses
IR01803 Royalty fees, trademark fees, patent fees, and copyright fees
IR01804 Fees for brokers, front end fee, commitment fee, guarantee fee and custodian fee
IR01805 Fees for advisors, technical assistance, and academic purpose_code_numberknowledge, including remuneration for specialists
IR01806 Representative office expenses
IR01807 Construction costs/expenses
IR01808 Transportation fees for goods
IR01809 For payment of exported goods
IR01810 Delivery fees for goods
IR01811 General Goods Trades - Offline trade