Merchant Funded Rewards

The Solid Card Rewards program powered by Dosh
Merchant Funded Rewards
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

The Solid Card Rewards program is powered by our partner, Dosh, and provides your customers with merchant-funded cash back rewards on card spend.

Adding the Solid Card Rewards feature into your mobile app is as simple as integrating the Powered by Dosh SDK. Cash back rewards are automatically routed to the cardholder's account, and webhooks are fired from the Solid platform to help you communicate to your customers.

The rewards solution makes it simple for platforms to increase card value by leveraging the Solid platform. The primary integration path is through an embeddable mobile rewards experience that showcases a rich variation of content through a series of provided modules.

For more info, see this help center article, or reach out to your CSM for guidance.

There are also the following webhooks available to listen to for reward events to share with your customers:

card.reward.pending - when a reward has been earned, but has not yet been credited - when a reward has been credited to the account

card.reward.canceled - when a reward has been canceled (eg. the transaction was canceled)