KYC In Review Codes

A list of possible review codes when KYC status is In Review
KYC In Review Codes
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

The table below explains when different values for reviewCode may occur and what your program should do to resolve the issue:

Solid KYC In Review Codes

Here's a sample response for the Retrieve a KYC API that illustrates the reason code:

  1. {
  2.   "createdAt": "2022-09-07T18:22:31.998452289Z",
  3.   "id": "kyc-9999a9-1b1d-4112-a465-5e172af44",
  4.   "modifiedAt": "2022-09-07T18:24:25.664110055Z",
  5.   "partner": "KYC_PARTNER_NA",
  6.   "personId": "per-abcdefg-9999-4b99-8fa9-01102339",
  7.   "results": {
  8.     "address": "VS_APPROVED",
  9.     "dateOfBirth": "VS_APPROVED",
  10.     "fraud": "VS_IN_REVIEW",
  11.     "idv": "VS_NOT_STARTED",
  12.     "bank": "VS_NOT_STARTED"
  13.   },
  14.   "reviewCode": "R112",
  15.   "reviewMessage": "Possible fraud risk identified. Perform an enhanced verification. If possible, run identity verification (IDV).",
  16.   "status": "KYC_IN_REVIEW"
  17. }