Set a New PIN

Set a new PIN on the card
Set a New PIN
 last updated: 
January 6, 2023

To stay in PCI compliance, you need to tokenize the card to set a new pin. We have partnered with VGS to bring this functionality to you.

There are two steps involved in setting a new pin:
- Step 1: Create a PIN Token
- Step 2: Set a New PIN

Step 1: Create a PIN Token


  1. POST /v1/card/:id/pintoken


  1. {
  2.     "id": "crd-8df1a028-447d-479f-8b85-8187d3eb9582",
  3.     "pinToken": "card-pin-test-6c3d8280-0698-4257-be33-fda6e3a657c6"
  4. }

Step 2: Set a New PIN 

To set a PIN, you will need to implement the VGS collect sample code in your client. The sample code is available in our public repositories on GitHub:

- Web apps: vgs-collect-web

- iOS apps: vgs-collect-ios

- Android apps: vgs-show-android

- VGS Collect React Native & Flutter:

Org and Vault IDs

The VGS org and vault ID's are required for implementing the sample code. Your Customer Success Manager can provide the details to you, for both TEST and LIVE.