Set a New PIN

Set a new PIN on the card
Set a New PIN
 last updated: 
November 30, 2023

To stay in PCI compliance, you need to tokenize the card to set a new pin. We have partnered with VGS to bring this functionality to you.

There are two steps involved in setting a new pin:
- Step 1: Create a PIN Token
- Step 2: Set a New PIN

Step 1: Create a PIN Token


  1. POST /v1/card/:id/pintoken


  1. {
  2.     "id": "crd-8df1a028-447d-479f-8b85-8187d3eb9582",
  3.     "pinToken": "card-pin-test-6c3d8280-0698-4257-be33-fda6e3a657c6"
  4. }

Step 2: Set a New PIN 

To set a PIN, you will need to implement the VGS collect sample code in your client. The sample code is available in our public repositories on GitHub:

- Web apps: vgs-collect-web

- iOS apps: vgs-collect-ios

- Android apps: vgs-show-android

- VGS Collect React Native & Flutter:

Org and Vault IDs

The VGS org and vault ID's are required for implementing the sample code, and you will find these in the Solid Dashboard > Developer > API key screen.