The Card Transaction sub-object

A list of fields in the card transaction type sub-object
The Card Transaction sub-object
 last updated: 
August 30, 2022

Below you will find a description of fields in the card transaction type sub-object.

Field Type Description
id string unique id of card transaction info sub object created.
transferId string unique id of transfer object created.
label string label of the card used.
merchant object merchant the card was used at.
"merchant": {
  "merchantName": "CVS PHARMACY",
  "merchantCity": "SAN JOSE",
  "merchantState": "CA",
  "merchantCountry": "US",
  "postalCode": "95129",
  "merchantCategory": "Drug Stores and Pharmacies"
  "merchantCategoryCode": "5912"
  "merchantId": "824743298982361"
authMethod enum method of use for the card transaction:
- keyedIn
- swipe
- chip
- online
- contactless
- other
wallet enum digital wallet type:
- applePay
- googlePay
- samsungPay
authId string card authorization ID
localTransactionAmount int local currency transaction amount
localTransactionCurrency string local currency code (eg. USD)
currencyConversionRate int local currency conversion rate